Self Love and Body Acceptance


Creating Confidence through Self Awareness

Using Artistic Expression to Heal Body Shame and Negativity. Awakening Your Feminine Energy to Feel Aliveness.
Living Authentically in the Best Version of Yourself.

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Tired of the constant struggle to feel comfortable in your body?

This is your wake up call…

Be the confident, sexy, empowered woman you were meant to be.
Unleash that wild feminine energy upon the world and live in uninhibited aliveness!


March 29th - May 3rd

A 6-week hands-on approach to creating body image confidence. We’ll explore the patriarchal society and unrealistic standards that interfere in our natural feminine calling. We’re going to transform negativity, shame and self hatred into a Beautiful Masterpiece, as representation of our transformative journey.

Mind and Body Connection

Explore how to connect the mind and body with meditation, keep you stuck in the past, and lessen self-love.

Let’s Dismantle the Patriarchy just for Fun!

Body insecurities usually originate from areas of our lives where preconditioning exists. We’ll be identifying and exploring each one in detail

Girl, Wake Up it’s time to Awaken Your Feminine Power

We get to dive into what feminine power is, how to achieve it, all it’s magical benefits and how to use it as your Superpower

Let’s Get Messy – Body Painting

Another fun form of honoring our body through art- Glitter Stretch Marks

Fall in Love with YourSELFIES

We’re going to reveal and banish harsh and insensitive words we have used to describe parts of our body.We’ll be offering forgiveness for being unkind to ourselves through the voice of artistic expression and create a meaningful and personal Body Love Project Art Piece

The Body Love Gallery Celebration

This week will be a celebration for all of the accomplishments and personal growth with a video showcase sharing our progression and transformations made during this workshop. You’ll receive your own copy to remind your of all your accomplishments

In just 6 weeks you could be living confidently,
radiating positive energy, and shakin’ what yo mama gave you!

You’ve lived a lifetime of making yourself small to please others.


Think of all the things you’ve missed.
Not on my watch, GF!
Now get up, put on that party dress cause it’s “Bad B*tch o’clock”!
Slay Sister, Slay!

Hello Beautiful! I’m Sandi,

Founder of Unleashed Feminine Empowerment

Before we dive into anything, I’d like to offer you a big congratulations for taking steps in choosing to love yourself.

My Why Story

My mother and I barely escaped the emotional and physical abuse by the hands of my alcoholic and mentally unstable father when I was just entering my teen years. This proved to have a profound effect on how I perceived men and the relationships between men and women. My mother and I had lived through somewhat of a “Stockholm Syndrome” which created a bond between us in an unusual but intense way.

I believe that the bonds of women are strong and yet unseen. We’re still living in a world run by patriarchal conditioning, therefore women have been repressed and are not yet aware of the power, strength and sisterhood that is handed down from The Divine Feminine energy that each of us embodies.

For most of my life, I struggled with insecurity, self hatred and shame. My relationship pattern was only ones with disrespect and abuse, that was all I thought I was worthy of. I fought many challenges and faced many demons in order to overcome self sabotage and learn to love myself.

I have made it my life’s work to empower women through my art, photography and co-create a better world for women to live and thrive in.


Only available until Sunday, March 12th @10pm

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