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Coaching| Group and 1:1

Not quite ready to step in front of the camera yet? No worries! Unleashing Fearless Beauty offers empowering coaching sessions that will ignite your soul and pave the way for your fearless transformation. Whether one-on-one or in a supportive group setting, our coaching sessions will empower you to break free from self-limiting beliefs, embrace self-love, and prioritize yourself unapologetically.

Empowerment Photography

Embrace the impact of Unleashing Fearless Beauty. This is not just a photography experience; it's a journey to embracing your authentic self and living life boldly. Let us capture your fearless beauty and unleash your unstoppable potential.

Self Love | Body Positivity Digital Courses

Whether you're craving a boost of self-confidence that radiates from within, seeking to break free from self-doubt, or simply yearning for some empowering self-care, our workshops and digital courses have got your back. Dive into a treasure trove of empowering resources, expert insights, and actionable steps that'll elevate your self-love game and light up your path to greatness.

Rebel Threads Apparel



Defying fashion norms, embracing individuality. Edgy designs, bold slogans. Wear your attitude, unleash your rebellion. Join the fashion revolution. Be unapologetically you.



Your Empowered Journey Awaits

Unleashing Fearless Beauty is more than just photography; it’s a movement of empowered women on a fearless quest to embrace their true selves. Whether you’re ready for the empowering photoshoot or seeking coaching and sisterhood, take the first step towards your transformational experience today.


🌟SheRISE Empowerment Society🌟

 Ready to Rise?

Calling all fierce and fabulous womxn ready to reclaim their power and embrace their true selves! SheRISE is not just a group; it’s a sacred space where we elevate self-love, ignite body positivity, and amplify self-confidence. Led by Sandi, a devoted Body Positivity Activist and Women’s Empowerment Photographer, this community is dedicated to celebrating the beauty, strength, and individuality of every womxn, regardless of shape or size.

📣 Get ready for:

  • 🌺 Engaging discussions on self-discovery and self-expression
  • 📸 Wisdom and tips from empowering leaders in various fields
  • 🌟 Stories that uplift, inspire, and remind you of your brilliance
  • 👭A sisterhood that stands by you, supports you, and cheers you on
  •  💪Embrace your journey to unapologetic empowerment and authenticity!

Whether you’re here to explore the depths of self-love or unleash your inner goddess, SheRISE is your go-to hub for cultivating unshakable confidence and unleashing your authentic self. Ready to embark on a journey of empowerment like no other? Join us now and let’s fearlessly embrace the beauty within!


🚺 This is a WOMxN ONLY community. We are committed to fostering an inclusive, supportive, and judgement-free zone. Come as you are, and let’s rise together!

🛑 WARNING: Joining this group may lead to heightened self-confidence, self-awareness, and an overflow of self-love! 😉🌷

Click that “Join” button to unlock your fearless journey today!
JOIN SheRISE Empowerment Society VIP GROUP

Unleashed Soul Sisterhood Membership:

Elevate your self-love journey with the Unleashed Soul Sisterhood, a private membership dedicated to embracing your authentic self and living boldly. As a member, you’ll experience:


  • 💎Weekly Gatherings: Join our uplifting weekly gatherings where we delve into body positivity, self-love, overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors, and empowering ourselves to prioritize our needs.
  • 💎Supportive Community: Surround yourself with a community of like-minded women who uplift and encourage one another. Share experiences, insights, and triumphs as you collectively embrace your fearless beauty.
  • 💎Exclusive Resources: Access exclusive resources, tools, and guides to aid you on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
  • 💎Guest Experts: Benefit from insightful sessions with guest experts who specialize in self-love, confidence-building, and personal growth.
  • 💎Accountability and Growth: Stay on track and celebrate your progress as you receive ongoing support, accountability, and guidance from Sandi and your fellow sisters.

Client Testimonials


The resulting pictures are FANTASTIC! Whenever I am having a down day, I sneak a peek at the pics for a quick perk in mood. I also feel more comfortable in my body on a day-to-day basis, it's really amazing. Worth every penny and already saving up more pennies to do it again.


This was an absolutely amazing experience! Sandi was a dream! She was the greatest cheerleader. I've been wanting to to this for quite a few years and never committed. I'm glad I finally did. It was definitely a splurge but I love how Sandi called the items an investment. How often do we take the time to invest in something to make ourselves feel fantastic? I definitely don't do it enough but this experience made me want to do it everyday!


My experience with my photo shoot was more than I ever expected. Sandi and Nicole made me feel beautiful. I was so nervous being a not so little woman, after the first couple of pictures I just felt a beautiful and confident thanks to sandi’s direction and encouraging words. Now I feel like “ Hell Yeah, I rocked that” thank you Sandi I needed this. Ladies I suggest you try this. It’s for everyone!


Sandi is a truly remarkable photographer! Working with her from the moment of booking all the way through our session and viewing my photos was fantastic. She made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the whole process. It’s was an amazing experience that I would recommend every woman do for themselves. The photos were stunning. Thank you Sandi for providing such a unique service


No words are necessary when rating this photographer... Her photos speak for themselves. She did our wedding photography, babies newborn photos, cake smashes, professional headshots and boudoir anniversary photos. Sandi is a permanent fixture in our lives now!! Go check out her website. Book her early, her calendar fills up fast.


Very professional, loved working with Sandi. She puts you at ease and let’s your inner cougar out. So grateful for this experience. It took me out of my comfort zone and was beyond pleased with my finished album. Go for it!!! You will be so glad you did


Sandi is an absolute doll and a dream to work with! She made me feel so comfortable, safe, and encouraged. She went to every length possible to get the best shot. She really is your biggest cheerleader! I never felt more confident in myself as I do now! Thank you Sandi!!

Meet Sandi

Hey Gorgeous!

Ready to leave societal norms and patriarchal nonsense behind? I’m Sandi, your go-to empowerment photographer, confident vibe curator, and fellow adventurer on the midlife rollercoaster. I’ve battled my own body image demons and nailed that mind-body connection thing, so trust me, I’ve got the secret sauce. It’s time to flip the script, flaunt those curves, and unleash your inner goddess without giving two hoots about judgment. Let’s be rebels with a cause – embracing ourselves, one fearless stride at a time. So hop aboard this self-love express, and let’s redefine authenticity, sass, and feminine empowerment together!”

Feel the sass? 😉 Join me on this fearless journey to self-love and authentic confidence. Can’t wait to see you shine, diva! 💃🌟 #FearlesslyFeminine #FearlessBeauty

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